Since art has been forbidden

they’re playing theatre to cams ain’t givin a fuck for context repression alienation

The revolution will not be televised―Gil Scott Heron

To un-zoom oneself―Mira Furlan

Since art has been forbidden

elite’s going wilder

sending even more phalanxes over the working class students homeless whoever

building up even more of its own pain never enough castles

Since art has been forbidden

boys on bikes are delivering food in cold empty streets instead going to nightclubs they’re closed

elders eat the youth

democracies barbwires t3sc0aldivvalmartmcd0na1ds prohibitions zombielands

Since art has been forbidden

servants are working out paying ordering pooing eating recycling pretendingeverythingisok at home

Since art has been forbidden it really has to be beautiful and white

disinfected suicidal

doesn’t even deserve a spit over an empty auditorium gallery whatever

trash goes elsewhere anyways punk’s not dead I will survive

Since abolished it’s only even more clear that it’s never been allowed

that’s why it was possible

there’s something beautiful and black in that

March 2020―February 2021


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